Designed Without Comprise

While some builders work on multiple projects simultaneously, Casumo Constructions prefers to take the road less travelled and offer a ‘one project at a time’, highly individualised approach.

A boutique, family-owned construction company with over 40 years experience as a specialist builder, Casumo Constructions oversees every aspect of the construction process; from point of inception through to the finishing touches.

To create The Tempo, Casumo Constructions have partnered with highly regarded architectural firm Beraldo Design. Founded upon an ethos of outstanding design and integrity, Beraldo create environmentally responsible buildings that embody the fundamentals of site planning, orientation and sustainable building methods.

Quality workmanship, an unrivalled eye for detail and a team that genuinely strives to create a new lifestyle precinct without peer – that’s our promise to you.

‘In building, as in life, it’s very often what you can’t see that counts’

Call: 9700 9990
8 Bourke Street